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Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds and Fountains in Abilene, TX

It’s one thing to have a standard, well-maintained property. It’s a whole other thing to have a yard that your neighbors are jealous of. Serving Abilene, TX, A-1 Texas Trimmers will take your yard to the next level with a pond, garden fountain, or other water feature.

Whether you have an idea of what you want for your property or you need some advice from our landscaping design experts along the way, our landscaping contractor services will bring your vision to life.


Have you ever seen a Koi Pond at a place of business and simply reveled at the beauty of nature? You may not realize it, but you could have your very own Koi Pond on your home or business property with the help of A-1 Texas Trimmers. Our team of landscape contractors can create Koi Ponds, streams, garden ponds, and more for your home or business landscape. Customers or neighbors will really take notice of the effort you put into your landscaping. Enhance the look and value of your property with your very own garden ponds.

We Also Provide Tank, Masonry, and Concrete Fountains

If a pond simply doesn’t have enough pizzazz for your tastes, why not add a fountain? Whether you admire the Trevi Fountain in Rome or you are looking for a simple tank fountain to call your own, we can make it happen. We will install your fountain, ensuring that it functions properly and complements your landscape décor. Contact A-1 Texas Trimmers today to discuss your ideas.