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Holiday Lighting

We Offer Holiday Decorating During the Off-Season

As the years go by, the amount of work you have to do to prepare for the holidays constantly increases. Decorating the inside of your home is always fun, especially with the kids helping out, but the exterior requires a lot more work. It’s a cheerful season, but it can become overwhelming and time-consuming.

We’ll Set Up Your Christmas Lights & All Your Decorations


At A-1 Texas Trimmers, we understand the work it takes to deck out your home for the holidays, especially when it comes to stringing Christmas lights. That is why in addition to our landscaping services, we also offer off-season services to save our Abilene, TX neighbors the trouble of hanging lights and decorations, freeing up time for other activities. Save yourself the hassle of climbing up onto the roof to put up those strings of lights, so you can ensure you have a fun, old-fashioned Christmas or holiday. We’ll check every bulb, secure the lights, hide any extra cords, and carefully display any lawn decorations.

We Can Take the Stress Out of Decorating for the Holidays

Of course, when the season has passed, just give us a call and we’ll be back to take it all down and store it properly until next year! At A-1 Texas Trimmers, we can’t guarantee any snow during the winter, but we will ensure your house is as festive as ever. Call us to schedule service to decorate your home or business with Christmas lights for the holiday season.

Special Event Lighting

We know that outdoor lighting transforms the dark and unknown to warm and inviting. You can count on A-1 to provide the expertise and experience needed to light your outdoor space because beauty and security is our priority. Whether it’s lighting your permanent space, or creating an inviting atmosphere for a wedding or special event – we will make it happen with excellence.